Chatroulette – talk to strangers with Webcam on video chat

I was totally bored of that facebook stuff. Everyday people turn on their PC or laptops, Log in to Facebook and chat with the same people they meet in their daily life.

Example :      person 1: hi

me: hi

person 1: how are u?

me: WTF ………………we just met some time before in college and now u r asking me “how i m?”

I was pissed off with these routine things ,so i started searching for some new and i got ‘chatroulette’.

       chatroulette is a social website where you can meet strangers from different countries,Talk to them with webcam on video chat and all this is for free. 

Follow the steps given bellow to use chatroulette :

1] You just have to sign up for the site for free.

2] You will get a new account with your username which you have to choose by yourself. But you can’t start video chat now.

3] First you have to be verified by the site. For that you have to chat with three strangers. Here you will not be able to use your webcam. Site will allow you to set an image . Just like a profile pic on the area of your webcam front.

4] You have to chat with  strangers for at least 10 minutes.(site says that if you chat with already verified user,then you don’t have to chat with 3 to access your webcam……….i don’t think so.Because i didn’t get any verified user before i was verified.)

So these are the steps to chat …………i’m sorry ‘video chat’ on chatroulette.

I have heard that many celebrities also chat on chatroulette. I haven’t found one of them yet.

So, hope you will also have fun there on chatroulette.



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